Today, Pastor Phyl spoke a word entitled “Breakthrough”. On the cusp on the new year, he discussed how nothing physically happens as the calendar turns over to a new year, but psychologically, we see it as a chance to move on.

Some people need breakthroughs in the areas of health, finance, or family. He discussed how breakthrough is available through Christ. We are all children of the light, and if we step into the light, we can receive a breakthrough through Him.

Pastor Phyl referred to Mark 5:21-43 speaks of Jairus, a Jewish leader, and of a woman suffering with a bleeding condition. Both of these people are seeking breakthrough. Jairus needed a breakthrough in a family situation, but as a Jewish leader, he had a lot of barriers to overcome, in order to come to Jesus and achieve his breakthrough. He had to set aside all that he knew, and humble himself in order to ask for help. He had to bury all of the things that he “should” know, and come to Jesus, completely openly.

The woman with the bleeding condition had been suffering for twelve years. She had spent all that she had on doctors, but instead of getting better, she simply felt worse. She, too, had to get to a point of utter desperation before she could humble herself and come to Jesus in faith. This desperation gave her the courage to push through the crowd.

Sometimes, we don’t have the courage to push through the crowd. The fear, and “what if’s” make us hesitate. We might think “What if He does it for everyone else, but not for me?” The woman with the issue of blood had absolute faith. She came to the realisation that she couldn’t do it by herself and pushed through the crowd to seek Jesus.

Are there barriers in your life, which you need to break through? God is there for you, and all you need do is ask. There is nothing to lose by asking, but if you don’t ask, you won’t get.

At the end of his message, Pastor Phyl encourages us to turn to God, and ask him to help us with any issues that we need to break through. What is your breakthrough need? Ask God into the situation now, that He will be with you in the coming year and help you to push through the crowd and to come to Jesus for your own personal breakthrough, whatever that may be. 

Scriptures: – Mark 5:21-43, Mark 10: 17-23

Breakthrough by Pastor Phylip Morgan