Beginning his sermon today, Rhys told us that he was going to give us an acronym; BYOB, which he translated to Bring Your Own Breakthrough. He said that he was going to bring us a challenge, because in truth, for breakthrough to happen, it has to start through us. We need to be ready to accept what God and Jesus want to do in our lives.

Looking at scripture, John 5:1-5 talks of the pool at Bethesda, where a great number of disabled people used to lie, waiting for the waters to be stirred that they might go in and receive the blessing. We see in the verses that the man needed a breakthrough, and he was in the right place at the right time.

Jesus can see into our situations, and will do a miraculous work in our lives, if only we will let him. We are called to expose our deepest problems, and our biggest hurts to God. He asks us for a surrender. He wants us to be open with Him completely, and this is what makes it possible for Him to do a work in us.

In this passage of scripture, Jesus asks the man if he wants to get well. The man gives him excuses, which are truly genuine, and yet, God doesn’t want our excuses. He just wants us to be honest with Him. This is the position that we need to get to for breakthrough to take place. We need to stop making excuses, and to just be open to what God has for us.

In truth, we must remember that God is not a small God. There is no problem or issue too big for Him, and just as with the man by the pool, we should have no choice but to come out different than when we came in.

As a Church, we get really good at hiding our breakthroughs, and our issues. Rhys asked us to think of something in our lives, that we would like a breakthrough in. He said that the thing is, almost all of us will relate this to a situation in our lives, but we have to ask God to set us free.

Sometimes, we just need to step back and let God do a work in our hearts. Jesus asks if the man wants to get well, not just to feel better. The truth is that the pool in Bethesda was a place to feel comfortable; it was a place to ‘feel better’, but it was not the pool that ultimately healed the man.

In verse 4 of this passage, which is often omitted from several translations of scripture, it says that the first one into the pool after the waters have been stirred would be cured of whatever disease they had. This gives us the impression that the one who comes first wins, but Jesus walks up to the one who would have been last in line.

The man had genuine reasons for not going into the pool, but we need to realise that faith has the power to give us breakthrough. In John 4:9-14, the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well is told. She is shocked when Jesus asks her to draw some water from the well for him, as Jews didn’t normally talk to, or associate with Samaritans, but this doesn’t matter to Jesus. The thing with Jesus is that He breaks through all barriers. There is nothing, not even death, that can provide a successful barrier to Jesus.

Rhys told us that breakthrough begins where our excuses end. John 5:8 tells us that Jesus tells the man to “get up! pick up your mat, and walk.” Is it possible that while we are waiting for God to come down to us, He is waiting for us to get up? Breakthrough requires a conscious effort on our part, and it is up to us to acknowledge this and act upon it, thus, allowing God to truly work in our lives.

In closing, Rhys said that we must “Be the change that I know you can be.” Breakthrough starts with us, and therefore, we must Bring Our Own Breakthrough.

Scriptures: John 5:1-5, John 4:9-14, John 5:8

Breakthrough by Rhys Jones