Continuing his series on one of his favourite Christmas Carols, “Tidings Of Comfort And Joy”, Pastor Phyl spoke on the joy that can be found in Christ Jesus. In his message, he talks about happiness, versus joy, defining the former as an artificial high, and the latter as a deeply rooted emotion that we can see in the Bible.

Love in the Bible is meaningful and always does the right thing. It is the joy of the Lord that is our strength. It brings us a deep, grounding joy, which helps us to be strong.

Pastor Phyl spoke of the Bible as our manual for life, and specified three keys to happiness that can be found in the Bible: Belonging, Believing, and Becoming (all that God has planned for us to be).

God is our comfort and joy, and we will never be lonely with Him. In Jesus, we can find our belonging. Jesus doesn’t care about our background. He just loves us.

In closing, Pastor Phyl reminds us that the comfort and joy of Christ’s love will always be there for us. 


Scriptures: Matthew 1:21, Luke 1:31

Comfort And Joy Part Two by Pastor Phylip Morgan