Everyone has the right to privacy and for personal data to be used for the specific purpose provided. We know these policies can be dull and boring, so we’ve created it in plain English to make it easy to understand in a way that is transparent and accessible to everyone, while ensuring we’re in line with the latest GDPR Regulations.

If you have any questions about the way we handle data, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you have. As part of trying to make this Policy Page as simple as possible we have answered the most common data regulation questions one by one below:

What data is being collected?
We don’t collect any personal information whatsoever when you simply visit and browse our website.

When you register on our website (to get access to certain information or download documents that we need to email to you), join any of our mailing lists, register for an event event, or if you are the parent/guardian for a child that is attending an event at our church or you have decided to register for our Church App we do collect and store the following information when you provide it:

  1. Your Name – Used to Identify you for the express purpose you gave us permission.
  2. Your Email address – We would use this to email and information you have requested and should we have a question regarding your requirements we will email you on this address.
  3. Your Address – Only asked for and used if we need to deliver or post anything to you.
  4. Your Phone Number – Should we have a question regarding your requirements or need to contact you we’ll call you on this number.
  5. Where did you hear about us? – This field is optional, and this data is used by our team to measure the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives so we can gauge where their efforts are working best.

Additional information collected and stored if you are the parent/guardian of a child:

  1. The name of your Child.
  2. Any Allergy, health and dietary information for your child.
  3. Additional name and telephone number of a secondary emergency contact (e.g. Husband/Wife/Partner) in a case of emergency.
  4. Age of the child.

The above information for children is stored digitally on our Church Suite Software and accessible to authorised staff only and used for the express purposes of child protection and emergencies only. 

Who is collecting my data?
Any information collected on our website stays with us.  We don’t share your personal data with any of our partners or suppliers no matter how nicely they ask!

How is it being collected?
We use forms on our website to collect information we need to provide our products (like post you a book, brochure or Bible) and services. We also use cookies to track things like how many visitors we get on our website understand user trends and make our website experience better.  We do collect information like the website browser you are using, what kind of device (Tablet/PC/etc) and what pages you visited and for how long. We do not collect any personal information like your IP address or email.

Why is it being collected?
Personal information that is collected with creating an account allows us to deliver the requested product service your system to you, and also allows our internal team to improve and develop our website to best suit our users. Cookies allow us to tailor your browsing experience based on your device size and device settings. We also use Google Analytics to track users on our website. This data allows us to see what pages people are spending lots of time on and what pages people are leaving quickly, which means we can create more of what is working, and less of the content you find boring (Not that we’re ever boring of course!).

How will it be used?
From time to time we may send you an email to invite you to an event, update you on some news or offer you a free gift or offer. We send on average one email per month to the email address you provided and for the purpose you provided it (E.g. we will not send you any news information if all you did was register to down load information) you have to specifically opt-in to receive any information we send you. Additionally, you can opt out of any of our emails at anytime by clicking un-subsubscribe at the bottom of the emails, or by emailing us on info@abclife.org and asking us to remove you from some or all of our mailing lists.

Who will it be shared with?
The only time your data is passed to anyone is when you chose to pay for anything or give us a gift by credit card, finance, bank transfer or PayPal. At this point, your name and address as well as the value and the purpose of the transaction (e.g. Donation for Building Project) is passed directly to the portal of our Partners like Stewardship, Worldpay, Stripe, or PayPal’s secure payment portal. This data is used for fraud protection and payment processing, it is not retained by these companies for marketing purposes and they act as our trusted payment partners. We do not share your data with any third parties or partners unless you have given us permission e.g. Sharing your information with HMRC via our payment partner if you decide to “gift aid” your donation.

Where is my personal data being stored?
Your Personal Data is stored on secure servers with our partners. Please see details of their security and data policies here:

  • Mail Chimp – The company that we use for all our News and Email lists.
  • Church Suite – The business that provides software for us to run and manage our organisation effectively.
  • Stewardship Services – The charity that helps us reclaim tax on your donation.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?
As a church that has high standards of morals and ethics we are proactively doing all we can to give your data the respect it deserves and keeping it safe. Your data is used to help us make your experience more tailored to your needs, understand where our audience is finding us, and understand customer browsing patterns throughout our website.

How long do you keep my data?
When you create an account we will keep your account open as long as we can as you may want to use us again and we want to save you the pain and hassle of re-registering. You can however choose to delete your account at any time by contacting our web team and requesting your account to be removed to info@abclife.org.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?
We have done all we can to make our handling of your data as simple and straightforward as possible. We can think of no reason for anyone to object to the way we handle their data.

Have you appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?
Yes, our senior leader Pastor, Phylip Morgan looks after all things data and GDPR directly. If you have any questions to do with this policy or anything in connection with data handling he can be reached by emailing phylip@abclife.org or calling 01269 596000.

Have we done something wrong?
All of our customers and clients have a right to raise a complaint to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). If you think that there is a problem with the way we have handled your data, please visit: https://ico.org.uk

GDPR regulations are very new and with that, everyone is working to interpret them as accurately and correctly as possible. If you think we have missed something, please get in touch. We’re always looking for ways to improve and value all customer feedback; good or bad.