Beginning her sermon, Andrea tells us that this word is a continuation of the word she gave at “She”. Speaking about Mary, she says that we are so blessed because of Mary’s faithfulness and submission.

The thing is that we are all pregnant with what God wants to birth into our lives, and it is down to our obedience and submission to the will of God that will determine whether we will birth His purpose for us or not.

God wants to bless us. Luke 1 shows quite clearly this, where it tells us of Mary’s story. The thing is that the Christmas message is super relatable. Jesus, as baby, and God incarnate, makes it possible for us to believe in the fruitfulness of God.

We see that if God promises us something, then He will equip us to see it out. We are called to birth Jesus in our lives, in order to help others and glorify God. He is asking us to birth blessing into the lives of those we know, and He empowers us to love. God isn’t birthing ideology, but the power to affect others’ lives.

We make Christmas something that it isn’t. It is a time of power; of aligning ourselves with Jesus. Here’s the thing: We are pregnant with the most high God – nothing else matters.

We must, then, rest in the knowledge that God will safeguard our families. We must be empowered to deal with issues. Luke 1:46-55 shows us that although there were issues for Mary, her spirit was full of joy and peace and exstacy in the Lord.

We must thank and praise God for every situation in our lives. We are called to put God in His rightful place, and trust Him, because He will bring us through. Mary chose to love God, regardless of her situation.

Love is the hook that God will not let us off. We have no choice but to love people, irrespective of what they may do or say to us, and irrespective of the situations that we may find ourselves in.

God’s promises can seem impossible at times, but God keeps His promises. We need to praise God, regardless of whether we have been affirmed or not. We are seen, and heard, and good enough for God, and confidence shouldn’t come from us, but from God.

We are blessed.
Our confidence is in God alone.

God says that we can test Him. He is working our miracles way upstream, and it is only in the still, quiet moments, when we see it. Andrea tells us not to expect fanfares; the promises He keeps don’t have to be showy.

We just need to remember that if we follow God’s plan, then we are the difference between people knowing Jesus and not knowing Him. Jesus was never a “plan b,” and we are called to have an attitude of infinite possibility because of the promises of God.

Scriptures: John1:1-5, Luke 1:26-38(Passion), Luke 1: 46-55(Passion).

Impossible Promises.2 by Andrea Parry