Andrea began her sermon by telling us that she would be talking about Pregnancy and Birth. She spoke of two women in scripture; one was Mary, a young girl; and Elizabeth, an old woman. Both of these women were biologically incapable of having a baby. Elizabeth was barren, and Mary was a virgin.

However, this didn’t matter to God. He came to Elizabeth in Luke 1:39-56, and we see that Zechariah was struck dumb until she had given birth, due to his unbelief. The story culminates in the two women (neither of whom should be pregnant, according to the laws of nature), meeting. The thing is that we are never too old, or too young in God’s eyes. He is for us, and not against us, and He has a plan for every one of us. We simply need to believe Him. After all, if we don’t believe this, then what do we have? We are called to grab hold of all the things God has given us, and to march into battle.

Firstly, Andrea looks at pre-pregnancy. In this scripture, we are confronted with two impossible pregnancies, but this shows us that in God’s eyes, we are never too old or too young to become pregnant, and to birth something. We are called to not worry about how impossible it seems, or to try and join the dots, but to simply take the risk and totally submit to Him, in obedience.

We must look at what God wants for us. We are purposed for fruitfulness, and must be careful not to criticise others, but be happy for them in their prosperity. The thing with God, is that He sees us as pure and whole, and not as we are in our fractured state.

Secondly, Andrea looked at pregnancy. Being pregnant is a big deal. It changes us, both inside and out. Our environment, and our life changes as we prepare and get ready. We must remember not to panic. The thing is, that if God called us, then, He will equip us. He will surround us with people who will value and encourage us. The important thing to remember is that we are following God’s path that He has laid out for us.

We must learn to celebrate each other, and to break the chains of oppression that we may be bound in. We must be able to work out who is oppressing us, and to not let ourselves be oppressed. We must call out our oppressors, and we will find that as we are released, we will release others. The thing is that when we doubt ourselves, we doubt God. We are called to not compare ourselves to others, and when we do this, we free others up too. We must love on each other, and remember that God is a God of love. He’s big and strong and mighty enough to overcome any situation, and He seeks to bring us freedom.

Thirdly, Andrea spoke on birth. “It’s not called labour for nothing” is how she began this segment. Birthing something is hard work, where we find ourselves standing in that place somewhere between joy of having a baby, and despair. The Lord magnifies all of this. We may experience a period or season of discomfort, and confusion, and sometimes, even deep despair, but we are called to stay the course. We are called to not give up. This way, we make a way to glorify God through it all.

Sometimes our journeys take us to places we never want to go, but God is there. Wherever we go, we must learn to align ourselves with Him. We need Christ. We need to get to the heart of that, because we can’t do anything without Him. We must practice humility. The thing is, it’s not thinking less about ourselves, but thinking about ourselves less.

In all this, we must remember that God keeps His promises, and we must delight ourselves in Him, and be prepared to take the risk He requires us to, in the sure hope that is in Christ Jesus.

Scriptures: Luke 1:39-56, Isaiah 9.

Impossible Promises by Andrea Parry