In his final sermon before Christmas, Pastor Phyl said that he sees Christmas as the biggest Birthday party on earth. It is actually held at the wrong time of year, to coincide with the feast of Stephen, but for us as Christians, it is a time for us to celebrate the saviour of the world, who came to earth for us.

Angels appeared to both Mary and Joseph and foretold about Jesus’ birth, and on the night of Jesus’ birth, and angel appeared to the shepherds to tell them about His coming. They also appeared to the magi, who were believed to be Persian rulers, who came to pay homage to Jesus.

Pastor Phyl then used an illustration of breakfast, dinner, and supper, to show how God doesn’t differentiate. Nowadays, we are told that we should eat breakfast like a King, dinner like a Prince, and Supper like a Pauper. In modern times, we have actually swapped this around, but whether we are king, prince or pauper, Pastor Phyl tells us that we are better off with God in our lives.

Pastor Phyl then asked us what a modern day King would look like. Would it mean wealth, power, or popularity, or perhaps a combination of all three.

We are a nation of middle class people. We live like princes now. Our nation is rich. If we have had a meal today, have change in our pockets, and somewhere safe to lay down to sleep, then we are rich. There are people out there in our nation, who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. These people are like the paupers of the Bible.

Pastor Phyl went on to say that the food of all people is porridge, whether we are kings, princes or paupers. This is food for our bodies, but we need food for our souls, too.

Many of us have heard the line to the song; “I can’t get no satisfaction.” The thing is that satisfaction is not to be found in possessions, etc, but in Jesus.

There are three things that we can see when looking at the nativity story:

Firstly, When Jesus was born, He was born to two people who were poor, who had to stay in a stable, and Jesus was placed in a manger, which would have been dirty and unkempt, quite the opposite of where we would see fit to place a baby nowadays.

Secondly, the Angel appeared to the shepherds, who were considered to be the lowest of the low.

Thirdly, the Angels appeared to the three kings; the richest of the rich, to declare that the king is coming.

In closing, Pastor Phyl tells us that he is convinced that everyone’s life is better with God at the centre of it. The thing is that the story of Jesus doesn’t end in a manger. Jesus’ story continues over to the cross, and then to the empty tomb, and the best news is that He is coming back. The truth is that we are better off with God at the centre of our lives.

So, will we choose to invite God in, and feed our souls this year?

Kings, Princes, And Paupers by Pastor Phylip Morgan