Beginning her sermon, Andrea told us that she was going to bring us a word of encouragement, and growth. She said that we need to be in a position where every decision and thought is for Jesus, and that if it is, He will inhabit and bless us for as long as we are walking in line with His Gospel.

The thing is that we all make mistakes, but God can take these mistakes, and make them beautiful. We must be in line with the Gospel, though. Truthfully, God uses every single one of our circumstances and glorifies them for His purpose.

Whatever the enemy has destroyed, God can rebuild, but we have to bless Him in order for Him to bless us. We must always remember that the purpose we are born with is to love God more than ourselves.

Andrea then gave us three points:

  1. God is in control

Reading from Daniel, Andrea told the story of a young man, driven into exile, and forced into a position that he didn’t want to be in. The thing is that even in this situation, Daniel refused to do what was contrary to what God desired of him,

Andrea said that even if we feel broken, we still have a purpose in Jesus, and this purpose is paramount. This purpose will never be removed. We simply need to do as Daniel did, and trust God through the storms. Every single one of us can engage our resilience in Christ. He paid our ransom so that we could be free, and we need to remember that. We must put worldly labels to one side and remember who we are in Christ, because no matter what others say, God loves us.

Andrea asked why we give the enemy any power, when we know that he is under our feet because of what God has done for us in sending Jesus to the cross. The truth is that God wants to use us, but we relinquish that power to the bad circumstances that we are in, rather than praising God for what He has done. He doesn’t stop being God in the hard times, but we are impatient. We need to be purposeful for Godly living, and remember that God is in control.

  1. Your life is full of purpose.

We all have a different special purpose. The thing is that we need to remember that when our special purpose is revealed, it doesn’t mean that our original purpose is pushed to the side.

Looking back at the story of Daniel, we see that he had Godly friends. These were people who would support him as he pursued the ways of God. This is something that we must be careful about. We must remember to cut off the toxic people in our lives. We must surround ourselves with people that build Jesus up, rather than those who will build up our own ego. We need to surround ourselves with good people, and must be wary of things that present themselves as good and easy. All good things present themselves as hard work. When we push away temptations, it should hurt, but when we push away the things of the world (the temptations), God gives us everything besides what we are being tempted by. We must keep all temptations at a distance.

  1. Our purpose is to love God more than ourselves.

We often think that our world will get smaller if we choose the things of God, but this isn’t the case. We expect God to act, but we don’t want to act ourselves. It says in Job 13:15,

“Though he slay me, yes will I hope in him”

The thing is that we can hope in Him. God loves us, and will enlarge us. We really need to make the choices that love God more than ourselves. It’s okay to doubt, but when we are faced with the humility of Christ, we must worship Him. When life is hard, we must love Him more than the situation.

In closing, Andrea encouraged us to:

  • Love Him
  • Tell Him
  • Show Him

And above all, we must remember to not forget our purpose..

Scriptures: Daniel 1:1-21, Luke 7:18-55, Job 13:15

The Path Of Purpose by Andrea Parry