Beginning his new sermon series, Pastor Phyl stated that we all love it when the underdog wins. We also love it, when, against all odds, we win; when things go our way.

Sometimes, in life we feel like it’s all against us, no matter what we do. It could be to do with our personal life, our career. There are all kinds of circumstances that can make us feel like we are an underdog.

Pastor Phyl said that he was going to bring a big subject to us, which is money. Sometimes our finances can make us feel like the world is against us. We might get into a situation when we run out of money when there are still days left in the month.

The key verse of scripture for this sermon is Luke 12:48: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

We need to remember that everything is His. Nothing is ours. Everything that we have has been entrusted to us. God loans everything to us, and we must never forget this.

There is a story, about a business man at an airport, who stops at a donut store, to buy some donuts. Once he has them, he looks around for a seat. He spots one opposite another man. Sitting down, he opens the bag of donuts and takes one and eats it. The man opposite him also takes a donut – from his bag. This continues, until the last donut, which the man who was already at the table, cuts in half, taking one half, and leaving the other. The business man is livid by this time, but at that moment, the call comes for his flight, so he gets up, and reaches down to pick up his luggage, when he sees his own bag of donuts sitting there on top of his case. What he had seem as the man being rude, was actually the man blessing him with even more than he already had.

The thing is that we must remember, using the donut analogy, that, all of the ‘donuts’ are God’s. He gives us ten donuts a day, every day, and all He expects is for us to give Him one. This is the principle of tithing. However, if we give, God will bless us with even more. This is the principle of the offering, when we can give a little extra, for example, to charities, or others in need.

We must remember that everything we have and enjoy is His. We tend to be very much all “Mine! Mine! Mine!” but we are wrong. We can’t take anything from this world with us, it is what we do with what is entrusted to us that is what influences our lives.

Looking at Matthew 25:14-30, we see the miracle of money at work, where those entrusted with much, will be given more. We also see that one of the servants didn’t do anything with what he was given, but simply stored it away. The thing is that he did not have a donut mentality. The gold given to him was not his to keep. It was merely loaned to him, just as everything we have is loaned to us from God, and God gives so that we can give back to Him.

Pastor Phyl then gave is three points to remember:

  1. It’s not ours.

God blesses us according to ability. If we do our best with what we  have, we won’t be judged, but if we are trusted with much, much is expected from us. We are expected to use our gifts to the best of our abilities. God calls us to take calculated risks as we are called to give it all back to Him.


We are not taught to manage our money. This is not discussed in schools, and then, when we become adults, we have complete control of our finances without any real idea of how to budget, save or invest.

  1. It is our responsibility.

If we have money, we are obligated to make a difference. Sometimes, we focus on the wrong things- on what we have, but we must remember to “not sweat the small stuff”. He has entrusted everything to us so that we can bless people.

Scriptures: Matthew 25:14-30, Matthew 6:24, Luke 12:48

Entrusted Part One by Pastor Phylip Morgan